About our long history in this valley:

   Advanced Business Solutions, a division of Retail Control Systems Inc., was founded in 1976 with our invention of what is known today as the Berg Liquor Control System.

    From that beginning we grew to become the largest privately owned POS dealership in the San Francisco bay area with a complete line of cash registers, Point of Sale Systems & Computers. By 1983 we had installed systems in over 23 states and in Canada.

   Over the years the POS market has grown leaps and bounds and we continued to evaluate and explore other point of sale products as they have entered the market. With the ATV Epicure (formerly HLX) doing so well we turned down offers from Squirrel, Remanco and NCR to market their products. When ATV closed in 1985 we began a search for the most progressive POS vendor that we felt would best serve us and our hospitality customers. That product was MICROS Systems of Columbia, Maryland.

   Advanced Business Solutions has taken great pride in our partnership with MICROS. Along with MICROS we have enjoyed providing business solutions to domestic and international businesses.

   We at ABS strive to make the task of researching the right POS equipment for your business less stressful. Our marketing approach is very low pressure where we act in a consultant role drawing on our vast industry experience to help you get a custom solution for your needs. We continue to provide the latest software technologies running on state of the art hardware by only the best of the best companies (Micros, Dell, Hewlett Packard). Since our inception we have helped businesses achieve more profitable results with superior service.

   Many of our programmers and support personnel are former restaurant managers themselves. They constitute a combined knowledge of over 100 years of experience in the hospitality marketplace. We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week support either in person or via remote support to achieve the best customer service possible.